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除了以上信用卡/ Paypal 方式網上認購飯盒,您也可透過銀行或櫃員機入賬

支持轉數快(FPS)戶口, 轉數快電話號碼: 68457682 ​

恒生銀行 (A/C 244-256574-001) 戶口名稱:Gingko House 
中國銀行 (A/C 012-35100042148) 戶口名稱:ELDERSHOP LIMITED 
滙豐銀行 (A/C 808-507131-001) 戶口名稱:ELDERSHOP LIMITED T/A GINGKO HOUSE (銀杏館)

支持 Payme: 付款

註:入賬後煩請將收據 WhatsApp(5109 3968/ 6845 7682)或電郵(予本館。

Other options for subscriptions
 For statistical purpose, please forward the bank-in slip by email or whatsapp to us

Love Project

"Love Lunch Box Campaign"  through our branch restaurants and in collaboration with the social welfare organizations/NGOs, we have been distributing free lunch boxes and necessity gift bag to those in need.

​“Creating employment opportunities for friends who originally come here to receive lunch boxes so that they can support themselves and regain their self-confidence”。Today she doesn't have to pick up lunch boxes anymore, she's our new employee。

LOVE Project [ Anti-Epidemic Lunch Box ]
Kick Off Appeal

The free distribution of this bowl of soup & rice box, it is full of the care and love of the society.

​Click below to buy rice box for underprivileged groups