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除了以上信用卡/ Paypal 方式網上認購飯盒,您也可透過銀行或櫃員機入賬

支持轉數快(FPS)戶口, 轉數快電話號碼: 68457682 ​

恒生銀行 (A/C 244-256574-001) 戶口名稱:Gingko House 
中國銀行 (A/C 012-35100042148) 戶口名稱:ELDERSHOP LIMITED 
滙豐銀行 (A/C 808-507131-001) 戶口名稱:ELDERSHOP LIMITED T/A GINGKO HOUSE (銀杏館)

支持 Payme: 付款

註:入賬後煩請將收據 WhatsApp(5109 3968/ 6845 7682)或電郵(予本館。

Other options for subscriptions
 For statistical purpose, please forward the bank-in slip by email or whatsapp to us

Love Project

"Love Lunch Box Campaign"  through our branch restaurants and in collaboration with the social welfare organizations/NGOs, we have been distributing free lunch boxes and necessity gift bag to those in need.

​“Creating employment opportunities for friends who originally come here to receive lunch boxes so that they can support themselves and regain their self-confidence”。Today she doesn't have to pick up lunch boxes anymore, she's our new employee。

LOVE Project [ Anti-Epidemic Lunch Box ]
Kick Off Appeal

The free distribution of this bowl of soup & rice box, it is full of the care and love of the society.

​Click below to buy rice box for underprivileged groups

Today, we are doing what we can, giving out anti-epidemic soups and foods that nourish the lungs, reduce inflammation and greatly enhance immunity for the underprivileged. Let's work together and help each other!

Monthly Subscription

Please also consider support via our monthly billing option. This option ensures that our free meal service can be sustained for the needy.


Goal of our Love Project


At this moment we all experience a shortage of supplies, everyone can only stay at home.For the poor and the weak elderly living alone, street sleepers, single-parent grassroots families and many more disadvantaged groups, it's like fighting the epidemic in the face of adversity.

Those who cannot go out, those who are already poor, who are homeless and thus become helpless , it’s actually like a battle for survival.


To help the grassroots and the disadvantaged groups, 

launched under "Ginkgo House" LOVE Project ("Love Care Action") , the


"Love Lunch Box Campaign"  through our branch restaurants and in collaboration with the social welfare organizations/NGOs, we have been distributing free lunch boxes to those in need.

In this fight against the epidemic, we did everything we could to fight the epidemic together. For the soups and lunch boxes provided, we used different ingredients to create anti-epidemic soups that moisten the lungs, fight inflammation, and greatly enhance the immunity.


The provided lunch boxes, besides feeding the stomach, it is hoped that everyone eats healthily and upholds "Gingko House" principle of healthy eating. There is no MSG added and there are vegetarian options to choose from as well.

We call on the public to support theLove Anti-epidemic Lunch Boxcampaign


Buy a love lunch box for $38 


All subscribed lunch boxes will be give to those in need.
The more public subscriptions, the more beneficiaries!

(The activity of distributing the "Love Lunch Box" will be shared and reported to the public through our facebook.)

Support!LOVE Project 


「Love Rice Box」Beneficiaries

There is no age limit for the beneficiaries, mainly including the debility elderly, street sleepers, comprehensive social security assistance families, the poor and the infirm, subdivided households, the handicapped, ethnic minorities... Vulnerable groups or neighbors in need can also use social welfare Institutions, NGOs, or Gingko House to apply.

In addition, through the assistance of social welfare organizations/NGOs,

the number of beneficiaries can be larger and the audience can be wider.

Other Bank-in Method


Other than credit card/ Paypal you can bank-in or through ATM

Support (FPS) account, FPS TEL no.:68457682  

Hang Seng Bank (A/C 244-256574-001) Account Name:Gingko House 
China Bank (A/C 012-35100042148) Account Name:ELDERSHOP LIMITED 

Support Payme: Click here to pay


ps. Please send the bank-in slip by WhatsApp(5109 3968/ 6845 7682)or email(。


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